Mary Campisi – The Betrayed Trilogy & A Family Affair Series

The first time I received an audition from Don Warrick, I hesitated. Though he came from a background in theater and had spent years performing, he was a relative unknown in the audio world. But there was something about his voice that drew me in, made me forget those were my words he was saying. When someone possesses the ability to do that, it’s pure magic!

I offered Don the narration of that project, and the next, and the next…

Don possesses a keen insight into the characters he portrays, as well as a generosity of spirit and a willingness to adapt to a writer’s vision. Those qualities along with talent, efficiency, and professionalism, make working with him a true pleasure. I look forward to hearing Don narrate more of my work.


Uvi Poznansky – “The Music of Us (Still life with Memories)”

Having worked with several talented voice artists over the last few years I pride myself on having an ear for expression, but even with that there are surprises: enter Don Warrick. 

Having three distinct voices, the audition script for The Music of Us proved a challenge to many actors, but upon hearing Don I knew instantly that he’s the one–or rather, he’s all three. For my mature protagonist he had a deep voice, rendered intimately as he reflected on his life’s journey; for the flashback character he had a younger, more upbeat voice, and as for the love interest, Natasha, he had a velvety, youthful female voice with a full range of emotions. In the story, Natasha has a long monologue, and it was crucial not only to get her voice right but also to hold the illusion for 10 minutes. Listening to how Don does her, it was hard to imagine the voice was coming from the throat of a man. 

What I did not know at the time was his ease of producing accents (from Russian to Scottish), his range of ages and most of all, his capacity to immerse himself in the character, to the point that he can live in their skin. This is the real magic. 

And another thing: for The Music of Us, there were several segments with lyrics, which Don sang oh so beautifully. As a lifelong stage actor he can easily project himself from the stage to reach the last row of spectators, but here, for my story, the songs were intimately rendered. For example, he sang Amazing Grace as a young war widow whose voice is choked with tears. 

I had a great time working with Don. There we were, author and narrator giving it all, in service of their characters. I am so grateful for the joy of creative collaboration.

Author of The Music of Us (Still Life with Memories),
Uvi Poznansky

George Okshewsky – “Flying with the Enemy”

Working with Don Warrick on the audio-book of Flying With The Enemy has been an amazing, rewarding experience. He has accurately captured my father’s Russian accent and has gone above and beyond to learn Russian pronunciation. At all stages of the process, Don has been the consummate professional and has met all deadlines and completed any reworks quickly and with good humor. I would not hesitate to collaborate with him again. I am so grateful for the work Don did to make my father’s story come to life. 
Author of Flying With The Enemy: A Young Cadet’s Memoir,
George O. Okshewsky

Julie Elizabeth Powell

Don Warrick has narrated four of my books so far – 13 (horror), Figments (contemporary short stories), Christmas Past (science fiction short story) and Lost Shadows (psychological thriller /fantasy). As I write in a variety of genres, it is vital that whoever narrates my work understands the story, the characters and the correct ‘voice’ for each one – Don Warrick has certainly done this! I am extremely pleased with the results – a wonderful job for each story – and found Don to be friendly, approachable and professional, and would highly recommend his services.

Author, Julie Elizabeth Powell

Richard Chance – “The Song of Kings”

The author, I think, is the most critical person concerning their work; we have to be. We edit our work a hundred times and contemplate characters for years at a time, until they all even the evil ones become our friends.

It is a great pleasure for a writer to hear his or her words read out loud with real skill, and how they are meant to be spoken. 

When Don Warrick approached me in July about doing the narration for The Song of Kings I gave him a simple test of the prologue to see how he would contend with the narration and characters.

There are readings, and then there are READINGS. Don did a READING. The text and characters came to life.

I didn’t need to hear any more auditions or consider any other people. I had found my voice artist. And Don is an artist, not just any old reader. He paints pictures of the events and characters in your mind; and they are just the way I imagined them. Without Don the Crystal Palace would have lost its lustre, starships would have fizzed instead of banged, and princes would have sounded like paupers…


Author of Song of Kings, Richard Chance


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