Audio Samples


A wonderful small town romantic trilogy from one of my favorite authors Mary Campisi. A broad range of compelling characters in both genders across a variety of age groups. link:


Welcome to the Miniverse. You’ve heard of the universe, the multiverse? This wonderful series of books by Mary Campisi is about the Mini-verse of a small town called Magdalena. You will fall in love with the characters. I know I have. link:


Historical Romance

The story unfolds in flashback to the beginnings of the romance between a concert pianist and a soldier in WWII. With a wonderful cast of characters, a saga that is rich with colors and sounds from author Uvi Poznansky. “The Music of Us (Still life with Memories)” link:



Brilliant avantgarde author Julie Powell’s fantasy thriller. The final scene voices 9 separate characters plus narration. Link:


Thought provoking psychological thriller from Richard Chance.


Sci-Fi Fantasy

Science fiction, action adventure, and futuristic fantasy, from the imaginings of author R.J.Chance. Huge range of characters and voicings. link:


Historical Biography

“Flying with the Enemy” is the memoir of a WWII pilot from Yugoslavia. A wonderful book performed from the first person perspective of the author. This challenging project required authentic pronunciation of text in 5 languages. Primary dialect is Eastern European. link:

“I felt like I was in a bar listening to an old guy I randomly ran into and he told me this amazing life story. I  felt lucky to have heard it!”


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