Life on Mars


I’m more than a little excited. I am, in fact going to live on Mars. I am very pleased to announce that I just signed a contract to produce an amazing audio book. This book is phase one in a unique approach to theatre (at least I’m pretty sure it’s unique). It starts as a song:–IqqusnNQ transformed into a novel and will be produced as a musical in the UK in mid-2016.

Author Michael J. Dawson has written a novel based on this work of David Bowie. From the webpage for Life on Mars:“Life on Mars brings together so much of the spirit that has defined David Bowie and the world he created for us. Its the story of an ordinary guy who struggles to cope with his own alienation before finally discovering hidden strength is his individuality. Life on Mars is an androgenous love story that spans a thousand years.”

And finally, don’t miss the video promo that Mike has produced introducing this exciting project:



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