“I’m gonna wait for the audio-book”

Hello fellow newbies. Funny story.

Around the beginning of August I was contacted by an author to audition for a rather specialized project. The book is called: “Flying with the Enemy” and is the memoir of a Yugoslavian bomber pilot in WWII.  The author is the son of our flyer, and for the sake of anonymity we’ll just call him “George”. George Okshewsky. Wonderful guy. (Sorry G, your name is out there now).

What made this project rather specialized, is that the story is told from the first person perspective of his father, and George wanted to be faithful to the Eastern European dialect even though written in english. George had run across my ACX sample page where there is a snippit from another work with an Eastern European character.

This is where I want to spend a minute talking about relationships. After just the few months I have been working to build my ACX business, I don’t think of my authors only as business associates. For some, like George they have made it over the wall to friendship. Yea, I still have a few clients that are all about the bidness, but I also have my Georges. They can be better than the first cup of coffee at 5:00 am when I am getting ready to cloister myself in the studio. Such was the case this morning.

I don’t know what your morning ritual is, but for me I get up before the roosters and the very first thing I do – even before I get that steaming mug of Joe, is check my email. First is my Yahoo (which I use exclusively for VO stuff), then my gmail – then read a little world news, and then straight to the medicine cabinet for anti-depressants. Kidding.

This morning was priceless. George and I work a chapter at a time. This is because of the intricacy of pronunciation of the multitude of languages the manuscript is riddled with. Before each chapter, G sends me a word list with a phonetic breakout of the foreign words. Well, everything was going along just fine. George and I were finding our groove and refining our methodology. About 3/4 of the way through the project, after submitting a rather taxing chapter George shoots me a note that says: “Don’t worry, it’s all downhill from here”.

A few days later he sends me the wordlist for chapter 14 and it reads like my wife’s grocery list. It’s huge! Now I don’t like to send authors superfluous communications, but a day or two later I sent George a note that said: “I thought you said everything was downhill from here?”. The response that was waiting for me in my Yahoo inbox this morning., was priceless. It simply said:

“LOL! Yeah, silly me. I should read my book, but I’m waiting for the audiobook to come out. ha-ha”

I laughed out loud. Good thing I didn’t have my coffee yet, or I would surely have blown coffee out my nose.

So on this bleary morning my good friend and collaborator George lifted my spirits. Isn’t that what friends do?

And now, my inner-marketer is churning over the opportunity value in his quip: “I’m gonna wait for the audio book”. I’m thinking I’m gonna find a way to spin some gold out of that little gem. At very least, it’s the stuff great T-shirts are made of.



One thought on ““I’m gonna wait for the audio-book”

  1. Reblogged this on Oleg Oksevski and commented:
    DONOVICH as I like to call him is my friend and talented voice actor on our audiobook Flying With The Enemy: Memoir of a Young Cadet. His Slavic accent has fooled many Audible listeners. 🙂


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