Stand by for important information…

Another Uvi-book as Deb and I like to call them. And in the vernacular of the book’s time-period, this one is a hummdinger. I love how wonderfully Uvi writes. Her attention to detail creates characters in my head that are alive.

Actors create relationships with the characters we portray.  When we perform “live” the process is intense and immersive. Rehearsals begin, and the memorization, and the blocking and the tech, and the…  The process is different with the characters in an audio-book. You get to know them over time. Over months and years you engage with them. You find yourself in each new place they travel. It’s kinda like marriage. Marriage before Death you might even say.

Only they never die. Not really, because we wont let them. Their voices are full in my mind and full in the listener’s. And they last, well…forever.

The story that Lenny and Natasha are in this time is both intimate and epic.  It is our greatest pleasure to invite you into their world.





Getting back to work again. Just editing the Epilogue and creating the intro and outro for a fabulous sequel to the last Uvi Poznansky novel I produced.  But there has been a hole you might say in your blog postings. You might say a fairly large hole in time. Which is at very least the stuff of a blog posting, at most a novel of my own.

Cancer caused a hole. I suppose the singular diagnosis that someone who uses their voice for a living doesn’t ever want to receive. Throat cancer.  Don’t freak out. This of course is what I told myself as well as my invitation to you.

It’s been a journey, so when I comment that the intervening period between my last blog post and now might contain the stuff of a blog post; you know a little bit more of the why’s and where’fores.

Cancer for me began this time (yes, I’ve already gone toe to toe once before and kicked it’s ass) with a weird steely determination. I was determined not to lose my voice. The two medicines which I relied on were determination and hope. Medical science of course had it’s own medicine to force feed me and as I have heard many a survivor say:  “the treatment is worse than the disease” – not sure if that’s ever completely true but I think it’s a coin toss you don’t care to make.

When matched against the powerful combo of meds and radiation and hope and determination – poor cancer just had to take another ass-whoopin. I feel bad.

So my dear reader, though I hope none of you ever have to face a dark night, know that if you do – it is possible to come out the other side and still wanna jump up and down, bark at the moon and record audio books. Not necessarily in that order.


AFA Letters

A really nicely done video from author Mary Campisi, who understands the power of video as a tool for promoting her work.

I recorded the voice of Charles Blacksworth narrating some lost letters that he had written to other major characters in her series “A Family Affair”. Initially her creative technologist posted these letters as 2D works with my voice-over. Today however they have kicked things up a huge notch by releasing a really nicely produced video. Very very captivating.



Life on Mars


I’m more than a little excited. I am, in fact going to live on Mars. I am very pleased to announce that I just signed a contract to produce an amazing audio book. This book is phase one in a unique approach to theatre (at least I’m pretty sure it’s unique). It starts as a song:–IqqusnNQ transformed into a novel and will be produced as a musical in the UK in mid-2016.

Author Michael J. Dawson has written a novel based on this work of David Bowie. From the webpage for Life on Mars:“Life on Mars brings together so much of the spirit that has defined David Bowie and the world he created for us. Its the story of an ordinary guy who struggles to cope with his own alienation before finally discovering hidden strength is his individuality. Life on Mars is an androgenous love story that spans a thousand years.”

And finally, don’t miss the video promo that Mike has produced introducing this exciting project:


Wait for it…

That’s a running gag with a friend of mine. “Wait for it”…and it describes the feeling you get when reading well written psychological thrillers. Or not. Sometimes you don’t see it coming at all – so much more’s the thrill.

One of my clients is a young author from the UK with a very promising career ahead. My first work with Richard was “The Song of Kings” – an epic tome the sample for this work can be found on my samples page. This is the second book I have voiced for Richard Chance and it kept me up at night for two reasons. 1) Working into the wee hours and 2) Not sleeping because I had just recorded another chapter.

This title will be available on Amazon in a few short weeks, so in the meantime you’ll just have to: Wait for it…